Email Marketing – 3 Rock-Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Starting With It Today

Most email service providers will tell you why you should be doing email marketing. From delivering the highest return on investment [email has constantly returned an average of $50 for every dollar spent on it] to being the perfect add-on for social media marketing – email marketing benefits are varied. However, if all the amazing stats and figures fail to make you sold on the idea of email marketing – consider three rock-solid reasons as to why you should be starting with it today:

Reason 1: Your Customers are Online: Are you a business that’s aware its customers are online yet hesitant to take up email as a means of marketing? You are not alone. A lot of first-time marketers are unsure as to where, when and how to start sending emails to reach their patrons. The first step towards successful marketing is shedding the fear of it. There are ways to go about it and everyone can learn. Remember – email advertising may take some time to start – but when you do start it- there’s no stopping!

Reason 2: Social Media is exploding: Social media has fueled the growth of email. Almost everyone on earth is on Facebook or another social media site. This simple truth goes on to prove that people, irrespective of age, gender, interests and other demographics are accessing the internet more than ever. Online has become a way of life for people across the globe. For businesses this means that email can be the best medium to touch them. Remember – businesses need to be where their consumers are – they are online.

Reason 3: Email is Permission-Based Marketing: That’s the beauty of email – you can always ask your regular customers if they would like to join your subscription list for great offers and insight. Most will be willing to part with their emails if you promise not to spam them. In fact, if they are not online, you can gently welcome to the world of internet. Remember – people are either online or they are not – there’s no room for uncertainty.

Today, there’s not a single industry under the sun that is not using email advertising. From automobile, banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing to real estate, restaurant, retail, stock trading, tours, travels and more – email solutions can be made to fit practically every business model.

Email has come a long way and will go even further. Cast off your doubts and let’s start with fearless email marketing!

Reposting an article I wrote in 2012. Also find this on Ezine.

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The many side-effects of owning a two-wheeler in Bangalore!

Having recently purchased a two-wheeler to commute, I can’t help but write about the agony that is to travel on a motorbike in Bangalore. Here you go, therefore: The many side-effects of switching to from travelling by public transport to your own two-wheeler

  • You’ll miss out on your Tweeting/reading/WhatsApp/blogging or on anything-productive-you-used-to-do-on-your-commute time
  • “Potholes” will become a much-used word in your vocab.
  • In fact, potholes will replace any other monster you’ve ever dreaded in your life.

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11 Things you’ll miss most when your dad is gone

  1. His stupid jokes. Which weren’t risible enough back then but seem SO ludicrous now!

Such are dads

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19 ways to overcome

And before I knew it my baby, my blog was abandoned by me :(.  It’s been a heck of a March & April for me. For mostly good reasons thankfully :). How was yours? Here’s another set of self-talking shit. Let me know in the comments below if anything makes sense to you as well. If not – read again. I bet you’ll find something useful. Hehe.

How to overcome a loss, setback or adverse situations in life

It helps to decide what and who matter.

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What a great beginning to 2014 (Touchwood!)

So the new year has begun with rather a bang.
Consider this:

  • My sister found her lost (highly cherished) wallet (which was, chances are high pick-pocketed in a BMTC bus) through a Good Samaritan who called on our card kept in the wallet after he found it lying on the road. (The money was gone but at least the cards were in tact.) There had to be a Facebook status update about it. (Click to view enlarged image)

Found lost wallet

Found lost wallet

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Live Tweeting for #CoCo2014

The much (personally!) awaited CoCo (Coalition against Corruption) Summit concluded recently. Needless to say, the conference was a big success in terms of seeing some remarkable interaction among renowned experts in the field of corruption.

Coalition against Corruption, CoCo 2014

Coalition against Corruption, Bangalore

The two-day conference held in Bangalore, co-hosted by The Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Stanford University, Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, and Sunlight Foundation, Washington DC saw over 26 speakers from around the globe exchanging ideas  on:  Continue reading

6 Resolutions every Bangalorean MUST make this New Year

Save water: Following the major water shortage crisis Bangalore faced earlier in the year, it goes without saying that saving water should top the list of resolutions of ALL Bangaloreans. While places like Koramangala were among the worst-hit areas, a lot of residents throughout the city could feel the pain of water shortage. Whether we blame it on inefficiency of BWSSB to check excessive water leakage or on unplanned urban growth in the city or even on overexploitation of groundwater resource, the solution is only one – water conservation. Sounds easier said than done? Well, not exactly. Here’s how simple it is to install Rainwater Harvesting in your home or office.

love bangalore, bangalore resolutions, deepti varma, i change my city bangalore

6 Resolutions everyone who loves Bangalore should take

Clean after your dog: Yes, the footpath is no longer your dog’s toilet. Dog Owners at National Games Village are learning some lessons on hygiene as the trees along the footpath are carrying messages like “Footpath is not your dog’s toilet” from over two months. Posters reading “Please carry a shovel and a bag for your dog’s shit” and “You are responsible for the dog and its shit”, adorned the trees along the pavements. Joggers and walkers finally teach the dog owners a lesson.  Continue reading

Janaagraha wins the Global Impact Award

Well, Im writing about this pretty late. Almost a month later that is :P But the great news is – Janaagraha won the Global Impact Award by Google. What I enjoyed most while campaigning about the event was – reaching out to celebs on twitterverse – who were generous enough to reply back or retweet and even VOTE (yay!) for us (see Amisha Patel’s tweet below) 

Google Impact awards, Global Impact Google

Google’s Global Impact Challenge 2013

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Notes to self / All in a day

  • Be grateful. It could (always) have been worse.
  • Smile. The day is over.
  • Smile. Tomorrow is another chance.
  • Sometimes criticism can open eyes to totally different aspects you’d never even thought of.
  • Measure it. And Google Analytics is all you need.
  • Shit happens. Keep calm. Maybe  you can turn that shit into a hit. Hehe
  • Don’t try too hard.
Lifes lessons

Sounds sane.

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Celebrations in Bangalore

I’m beginning to dread festivals in Bangalore.

It’s both strange and unfortunate that as the IT capital of India the festive scene in Bangalore is no different than that can be witnessed in many (read almost all) smaller cities here. There’s heavy traffic which obviously the roads are not prepared to handle, you’ve got music/announcements on loud speakers in public places (which nicely compliments the chaos) and of course it’s followed by “festive” garbage spillover everywhere which doesn’t get taken care of for a long, long time.

Bangalore, garbage bangalore

There is a two-fold increase in the quantum of
garbage generated in Bangalore during festivals.

The concern is the above characteristics assume gigantic and terrifying proportions in a city such as Bangalore.  Continue reading


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