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It is easy. Mostly after it is difficult.

  • It’s easy to feel miserable. It takes efforts to choose to be happy.
  • It’s easy to form opinions. It takes efforts to not have prejudices.
  • It’s easy to form opinions. It takes efforts to be still open for surprises?
  • It’s easy to be a bit*h. It takes efforts to be kind.
  • It’s easy to hate. It takes efforts to be indifferent.
  • It’s easy to ignore it. It takes efforts to fight it.
  • It’s easy to argue. It takes efforts to not raise the voice?
easy vs difficult

True no?

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A woman’s guide to surviving it

  • Find a lipstick shade that suits you.
  • Wear heels.
  • Be kind.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Dance.
  • Buy less of branded stuff.
    A woman’s guide to surviving it

    True that

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How to survive life!

  1. Have something to do.
  2. Have someone to love.
  3. Have something you love to do.
    how to survive life

    How to survive the day

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5 quick ways to boost engagement on Facebook

If you happen to handle social media, every so often you’ll experience that inevitable “block”.  You’re short of time, you can’t find “share worthy” content, nothing is working out and all that stuff which constitutes a nightmare for every social media manager.

Since I’ve been (through) there and done that here’s how I deal with the social media or more precisely the Facebook block. It’s all a combi of what I’ve learnt from self-experimenting as well as of course some proven ways.

Here are my five favorite quick ways to quickly boost engagement on Facebook fan pages

  1. Highlight your post: This is a widely followed practice to increase engagement on posts. Highlighting is a well-known way to boost engagement because doing so pushes out the post in the audience’s feed more strongly.
  2. Share memes: Memes are easy to search for and mostly successful in drawing the audience’s attention. And they never fail to extract a laugh or two. Take care not to offend.
    Use meme in facebook post
  3. Share motivational quotes: Regardless of how “boring” your industry might be there’s always something inspirational to share about it. Share that when you’re at a loss for topics.
  4. Re-share an old post: Is there a post from the past which engaged the audience highly? See if there’s scope for sharing that again. Rephrase your post and use another image for the post if possible. Obviously, it shouldn’t be too recent else it’ll be fresh in the memory of your audience.
  5. Share behind-the-scene pics: How about sharing a picture of your team? Or how your desk at work looks like? Again, these kinds of posts won’t consume much time and give that much needed human touch to Facebook page.

Other of my favorite Facebook posting tips:

  • Use an image for your posts. A picture is rightly like a thousand words. And while in Facebook it serves a great deal to catch the attention of the audience. For me it definitely consumes considerable time to search for suitable/good/interesting image but it’s worth it! (Yep like L’Oreal tagline…cuz you’re worth it. Hehe)
  • Create a folder named something like “For later use”. In this, save images as you find them. These images come in very handy when you’re short of time. Or many a times, you’ll find something suitable to post with these images at a later point of time. You can also narrow down your hunt for content based on the image. (Isn’t this a nice tip? Me learnt it from self-experience :))
  • Ask for ideas, suggestions and/or solutions when you can’t think of anything to share. Try asking your fans for their ways out of a situation. Works all the time and you can get good engagement levels as well.
    • boost facebook engagement
  • Wish them. Is it Friday? How about a post on what people do on weekends? Or how they love Fridays? Makes for a quicky post, no? Is it Monday? How about asking peeps how they spent their weekend? Or how we hate Mondays? Hehe.
  • Post on other pages as a page. Or maybe share a post from another page on your page.
    • facebook viral post
  • Use Pinterest to find great images.  (I’ll write another post on where and how to find images for Facebook.)
  • Last but not the least – remember to put a link to your website or whatever in every post. You never know what goes “viral”. Hehe. And you want people to find your link in there, right?

boost facebook engagement

As Jay Baer (I love his tagline ‘hype free marketing’) puts it – The goal is not to do social. It’s to be social. So let it be!
What are your favorite Facebook tips? C’mon be a sport and share some of your secret sauce in the comments below!
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The city that is Jabalpur!

Among other things the most common topic of discussion in Bangalore seems to be “where are you from?” or “what’s your native place?” As I’ve got to answer this question so often I thought why not write a post on my “native”.

Jabalpur is a well-known city in Madhya Pradesh (MP) state which lies in the central part of India. During the Raj, MP was a part of Central Province.  The key cities in present day MP include Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain with Bhopal of course as the capital city. The state government for tourism had done an interesting ad campaign titled aptly “Bharat ka dil dekho” implying come visit the very heart of India.

Nice ad campaign by MP tourism

The state of Madhya Pradesh is also known for Buddhist Sanchi Stupas (built way back in the 3rd century BC), Khajuarao temples (which are listed in UNESCO world heritage site), Amarkantak (where the lifeline river Narmada emerges), Bandhavgarh Natural Park (the original home of all the white tigers alive), tribal life, Chambal valley and Poha – Jalebi (the most popular way to start a day).

poha jalebi

Let’s talk about the Significance of Jabalpur city now.

High court of MP:  Jabalpur houses the state high court of MP. It’s worthwhile to note that usually high courts are situated in the capital city of states.

MP HIgh Court

State Electricity Board: Jabalpur is also the home to Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (MPEB) which is again something remarkable.

Jalpari MPEB

Marble rocks: Jabalpur is “world famous” for the splendid Bhedaghat waterfalls. Surrounded by gorgeous white marble rocks the waterfall formed by Narmada river, this is the number one tourist spot in Jabalpur.  In fact Bhedaghat has also had a stint with Bollywood when the popular song titled ‘Raat Ka Nasha Abhi’ from the movie ‘Ashoka’ was shot in its scenic locales.

Marble rocks jabalpur

Shirdi Sai Temples:  Jabalpur is also known as “Choti Shirdi” ie “Smaller Shirdi” for a big number of Shirdi Sai Baba temples in Jabalpur.  A lot of these Sai baba temples are well-known for fulfilling wishes of earnest devotees. On Ram Navami day every year (which falls around April) the city hosts beautiful processions which are a major attraction for city-dwellers.

Saibaba Temple Jabalpur

Ordnance factory: The Gun Carriage factory in Ranjhi, Jabalpur the strategic edge. Situated in Ranjhi, the GCF employs thousands of people from across the city.

Paat Baba Temple Ranjhi

Christ Church School:  Situated in north Civil Lines this more than 150years old convent school is among the top schools not only in Jabalpur but also in the entire state. And of course my sister and I are super proud to have finished our entire schooling from this school.  The school treasures the first Girl Guide Flag in India given by Lady Baden Powell herself in 1921. The Christ Church School has both girls and boys wings.

Christ Church Girls School Jabalpur

Jabalpur gets it name from an ancient sage Jabalipattan who practiced penance here. Interestingly, Jabalpur was nicknamed “Sanskardhani”  by Vinoba Bhave due to its cultural and social activities.

There are definitely more remarkable things about Jabalpur city. (All Jabalpuria’s will agree, right?!) The above points only place the city on India’s map as a significant one.

Are you from Jabalpur? What other remarkable things you’ll mention about Jabalpur?

How did you like a quick travel through my native city Jabalpur? 🙂 And the next time I’m asked “where are you basically from?” I’m just asking peeps to visit my blogs. Hehe! 

Things he used to say

  • How graceful you girls look in salwar kameez.
  • Why do you want to buy another pair of jeans? They all look the same to me.
  • Let’s see-off alias ‘khadero’ this person!!
  • Do I look like a hippe everyday?! On telling him – Today you’re looking smarty.
  • Ask mom to make some “adrak ki chai”.  At least 5 times a day.
  • Give me some more sugar in tea.
  • Let’s have some sandbitch today!

T K Varma

  • Make me a list for everything you need from the market.
  • Don’t make the list as long as “Hanuman ji  ki poonch”!
  • Oh! I forgot to bring what you guys had asked me to get. Then takes it out from under the cover.
  • I’ve got you more stuff than you people mentioned in the list. Then takes out a bottle of ‘coconut oil’ stating it’s good for head.
  • My son is in New York. With immense pride.
  • For girls more than anything else their ‘sanskar’ (character) matters.
  • Together you both girls can do wonders.
  • We’ll live like a normal family!
  • Don’t fear until Im there.
  • Don’t leave me.

Then he left us.
Thank you for everything you did for us.
Miss you today and always Papaji.

Heartline by Dr Shyam Bhat | Indigo 91.9 Bangalore

Dr Shyam Bhat, a leading psychiatric and also a stand-up comedian, hosts an interesting live caller show “Heartline” on Indigo radio 91.9 every Tuesday & Thursday evening in Bangalore. The best part about his show is perhaps his husky voice women drool over! Of course he offers tons of super useful advice to callers as well. First blog post

Last week he suggested a good way to change our feelings/emotions. Its often said that our body reflects the emotions we are experiencing –such as when we’re angry the muscles in our chest tighten and our brows wrinkle. He then advised that we can actually change how we’re feeling by simply observing our body. So, if you take a minute to study how parts of your body are feeling you can actually change your thoughts!

Until now a lot of us must have heard that our thoughts affect our conduct.  But, how many of us knew it could be worked out the other way round – change how your body feels to change your thoughts.

You wanna feel more confident? Put on that smile, straighten those shoulders – deliberately. Makes you feel better instantly, right?!

I think Heartline is definitely one of the best radio shows in Bangalore. Listen to one of his podcasts if you wish. The other one being – In the mix India by Nikhil Chinnapa broadcast live in metros across India on Saturday evenings.

What’s your favorite radio show in Bangalore or anywhere? 🙂

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