Heartline by Dr Shyam Bhat | Indigo 91.9 Bangalore

Dr Shyam Bhat, a leading psychiatric and also a stand-up comedian, hosts an interesting live caller show “Heartline” on Indigo radio 91.9 every Tuesday & Thursday evening in Bangalore. The best part about his show is perhaps his husky voice women drool over! Of course he offers tons of super useful advice to callers as well. First blog post

Last week he suggested a good way to change our feelings/emotions. Its often said that our body reflects the emotions we are experiencing –such as when we’re angry the muscles in our chest tighten and our brows wrinkle. He then advised that we can actually change how we’re feeling by simply observing our body. So, if you take a minute to study how parts of your body are feeling you can actually change your thoughts!

Until now a lot of us must have heard that our thoughts affect our conduct.  But, how many of us knew it could be worked out the other way round – change how your body feels to change your thoughts.

You wanna feel more confident? Put on that smile, straighten those shoulders – deliberately. Makes you feel better instantly, right?!

I think Heartline is definitely one of the best radio shows in Bangalore. Listen to one of his podcasts if you wish. The other one being – In the mix India by Nikhil Chinnapa broadcast live in metros across India on Saturday evenings.

What’s your favorite radio show in Bangalore or anywhere? 🙂

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One thought on “Heartline by Dr Shyam Bhat | Indigo 91.9 Bangalore

  1. Aamid says:

    I learned a loot… n I still miss the show .

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