How to survive life!

  1. Have something to do.
  2. Have someone to love.
  3. Have something you love to do.
    how to survive life

    How to survive the day

  4. Catch up with old friends.
  5. Have a morning/evening walk.
  6. You’re never alone if you have a pet.
  7. Watch less of TV.
  8. Read the newspapers lesser.

    how to survive life

    Learn to dance in the rain!

  9. Look over old photographs.
  10. See the sun rise at least once in a lifetime
  11. Cycle (and recycle!) your way once a while.
  12. Order pizzas. Better still with chilled coke.

    how to surive life


  13. Take pics. Lots of pics. And Instagram them every once a while. Hehe.
  14. Go on long drives.
  15. Take family vacations. As they say – even if you can’t afford them.
  16. Appreciate diversity. Everywhere.
  17. Be grateful.
  18. Laugh. Oftener at your own self.
  19. Travel. To places. And also in public transport.
  20. Call your mom.

    how to survive life

    It is.

  21. Write/Blog.
  22. Use Stumble Upon.
  23. Sit straight.
  24. Smile. Often.
  25. Care lesser about the impression people have of you?
  26. Don’t assume.
  27. Ask for help.
  28. Thank for help.
  29. Compare yourself only against yourself.

    how to surive life

    Gratitude is the best attitude.

  30. Wear blue denims with white tees.
  31. And remember life’s even tougher for some.

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