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Quick dictionary for Non-Kannadgias in Bangalore

With close to 3 years of moving into Bangalore I’m beginning to take pride in my Kannada speaking abilities. The first Kannada word I remember learning was the ubiquitous “maadi”. From asking the bus driver to “door open maadi sir” to asking colleagues “mail check maadi” in office everything that required an action or a verb meant “maadi”.

learning kannada

Well I haven’t got that far as deciphering the Kannada Script…only swalpa swalpa speaking and understanding 🙂

The next word that got added to my Kannada vocab was “illa”. I really like how ‘illa’ is such a versatile word in the sense that it collectively denotes the meanings of no, nothing, empty and over.
Here are some of the important Kannada words/phrases I think non-kannadigas should (and can) pick up easily.  Continue reading

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The “Chris Brogan Effect”

Im excited. I got a reply from Chris Brogan on one of my tweets. And there – my Klout score went up instantly. This is what is called the “Chris Brogan Effect”! Hehe.

Klout score

Ok I really don’t care about my Klout score. Until it’s going up that is. Hehe

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“Freedom” offers

Okay. So we’ve got “Freedom” offers everywhere in India as soon as it’s August. It’s impossible to ignore them. While some 15th August Independence Day special offers make sense a lot others just seem to be a marketing gimmick put together in haste.

There you go:

Freedom drive offer. Sounds kind of incomplete?

Freedom offer

What does it mean?

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