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Notes to self / All in a day

  • Be grateful. It could (always) have been worse.
  • Smile. The day is over.
  • Smile. Tomorrow is another chance.
  • Sometimes criticism can open eyes to totally different aspects you’d never even thought of.
  • Measure it. And Google Analytics is all you need.
  • Shit happens. Keep calm. Maybe  you can turn that shit into a hit. Hehe
  • Don’t try too hard.
Lifes lessons

Sounds sane.

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Celebrations in Bangalore

I’m beginning to dread festivals in Bangalore.

It’s both strange and unfortunate that as the IT capital of India the festive scene in Bangalore is no different than that can be witnessed in many (read almost all) smaller cities here. There’s heavy traffic which obviously the roads are not prepared to handle, you’ve got music/announcements on loud speakers in public places (which nicely compliments the chaos) and of course it’s followed by “festive” garbage spillover everywhere which doesn’t get taken care of for a long, long time.

Bangalore, garbage bangalore

There is a two-fold increase in the quantum of
garbage generated in Bangalore during festivals.

The concern is the above characteristics assume gigantic and terrifying proportions in a city such as Bangalore.  Continue reading

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