Celebrations in Bangalore

I’m beginning to dread festivals in Bangalore.

It’s both strange and unfortunate that as the IT capital of India the festive scene in Bangalore is no different than that can be witnessed in many (read almost all) smaller cities here. There’s heavy traffic which obviously the roads are not prepared to handle, you’ve got music/announcements on loud speakers in public places (which nicely compliments the chaos) and of course it’s followed by “festive” garbage spillover everywhere which doesn’t get taken care of for a long, long time.

Bangalore, garbage bangalore

There is a two-fold increase in the quantum of
garbage generated in Bangalore during festivals.

The concern is the above characteristics assume gigantic and terrifying proportions in a city such as Bangalore. 

  •  We are already grappling with bad traffic on any given normal day. And then – festivals simply worsen it to an extent that it can make you cry. Yes it can make even men cry. (If you thought they didn’t). I’ve seen how they rant about it on Twitter.
  • A place such as Shivajinagar TTMC is bustling every single day. And then – you have broadcast on loud speakers – throughout the evening peak hour rush during festivals.
  • We’re on the brink of getting our nicknamed changed to “Garbage city” from the “Garden City”. And then – festivals bring with them more unmanageable “celebrated” leftovers of buntings, food, hoardings et al.

India is a land of festivals. Ironically though I feel we haven’t yet learnt a civilized way to celebrate, have we?


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