6 Resolutions every Bangalorean MUST make this New Year

Save water: Following the major water shortage crisis Bangalore faced earlier in the year, it goes without saying that saving water should top the list of resolutions of ALL Bangaloreans. While places like Koramangala were among the worst-hit areas, a lot of residents throughout the city could feel the pain of water shortage. Whether we blame it on inefficiency of BWSSB to check excessive water leakage or on unplanned urban growth in the city or even on overexploitation of groundwater resource, the solution is only one – water conservation. Sounds easier said than done? Well, not exactly. Here’s how simple it is to install Rainwater Harvesting in your home or office.

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6 Resolutions everyone who loves Bangalore should take

Clean after your dog: Yes, the footpath is no longer your dog’s toilet. Dog Owners at National Games Village are learning some lessons on hygiene as the trees along the footpath are carrying messages like “Footpath is not your dog’s toilet” from over two months. Posters reading “Please carry a shovel and a bag for your dog’s shit” and “You are responsible for the dog and its shit”, adorned the trees along the pavements. Joggers and walkers finally teach the dog owners a lesson. 

Vote up: The pre-poll surveys all hinted at a better turnout from the IT capital of India but the poor voter turnout at the 2013 Karnataka Assembly Elections put us to shame. Bangalore lagged far behind most other districts in the state with only about 55% of the seven million voters exercising their franchise. If you were among the active Bangalore denizens to step-out and vote – we congratulate you. If not, what’s stopping you? We’d like to hear.

Learn Kannada: If you are new to Bangalore, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few important phrases from the local language. And what’s more? There is help! Kannada Baruthe is an initiative started recently to help non-Kannadigas learn Kannada and avoid being taken for a ride by the auto-drivers, for instance. So, the next time you have to negotiate with the local vendors, you can do that more assertively!

Abide by traffic rules. Why, even take the public transport: Bangalore is known as a place where bikers ride on the footpath, pedestrians walk on the road and car-owners drive on whatever little potholed road (that’s another topic altogether) that is left. Again, the recent hike in auto fares in Bangalore increases the scope for people to take to public transport.

Adopt a pothole: Last but not the least, here’s a resolution that each Bangalorean can take up right now itself. Potholes are the most common headache faced by Bangalore’s motorists. Residents know the major potholes of the city like the back of their hand. That’s how common and ‘famous’ they are. The problem has become so serious that Bangalore has started reporting deaths caused due to potholes. It’s not a smooth ride in the IT city any more. Everyday commuting has become a bumpy and painful affair. But now, you can do more than just complain and curse. Report a pothole. Adopt it. Be a champion of change.

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