What a great beginning to 2014 (Touchwood!)

So the new year has begun with rather a bang.
Consider this:

  • My sister found her lost (highly cherished) wallet (which was, chances are high pick-pocketed in a BMTC bus) through a Good Samaritan who called on our card kept in the wallet after he found it lying on the road. (The money was gone but at least the cards were in tact.) There had to be a Facebook status update about it. (Click to view enlarged image)

Found lost wallet

Found lost wallet

  • We found a mobile phone lost in the auto rick through it’s very generous and honest driver . Again, it is just a feature phone and we’d lost a similar one previously also in a rick. But, isn’t it *amazing* to find your mobile phone back?!
  • Bhaiya called us. WOW! You’ve no idea bhaiya how much your words of encouragement mean to us. No idea at all. (Okay so you may know it means a lot to us!) But you’ll never know HOW much it means to us. It’ll remain the best things to happen this year.
  • Got to live tweet at the COCO event. It was such an enriching experience. And the best part – my manager was happy with my job 🙂
  • Got to be apart of Mujhse Hogi Shurvaat video launch. RJ Mayur from BIG FM was kind enough to announce my name once – which was exciting.
    BIG FM launch Mujhse Hogi Shurvaat

    RJ Shruthi & RJ Mayur from BIG FM at Lalbagh


    Got to share the stage with Malavika Avinash (in sari)

  • Got a nose pierce.
  • A nice hair cut too 🙂
  • All this and January has only ended.

More to come

  • Planning for mom’s visit in March. Yay.
  • Taking up regular visits to the dentist.
  • Planning to try a lot of other new things as well… (can’t elaborate on that…left to the reader’s imagination)

Dear 2014…please continue to be awesome 🙂


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