11 Things you’ll miss most when your dad is gone

  1. His stupid jokes. Which weren’t risible enough back then but seem SO ludicrous now!

Such are dads

  • His scoldings. (And beatings! if you got any :P)

Obviously he had the last word – always.

  • Being threatened by siblings that they’ll “tell him”.

The scariest threat on earth.

  • Thinking of new reasons for extracting some more pocket money.


There’s no money as good as dad’s given pocket money

  • Mom dad fighting with each other. Okay so this may not be very memorable. But mothers do get lonely after dads are gone, no?


  • Fighting with him. No matter how bad you fought, you’ll miss fighting with him. And realise that after all, he was right.

Why do we have to disagree on everything?

  • His knowledge. Dads are walking encyclopaedia, no?


Better than Googling – was asking him.

  • His telling you what to wear. Mostly what not to wear. Or how to wear.

No ripped jeans. No low-waist jeans. No jeans.

  • His advice on career, love and everything else.

It was mostly good stuff.

  • His telling you – I’ll be always there for you.

The most reassuring words in life.

  • Telling the store-keeper-  “Dad will pay”

As always – he’ll pay.



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