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10 Badly mispronounced English words (in India) – A rant and a guide

Dad being a Professor of English, we’ve always loved this language. I do have vivid memories of him giving lengthy lectures on the intricacies of the language. Right from how words are spelled to how differently they are spoken or referred to in the US as against the UK as against Australia to also their Hindi equivalents – he had such a passion for the English Language.

Coming therefore with this background, any wrong pronunciations tend to blow me off. Let me clarify – it is in fact, not the person’s ignorance, I mean since English is only a second language to almost all of us – mistakes are excusable. It is actually the “attitude” mostly that annoys me – the ‘pride’ with which people correct me for pronouncing them rightly!

Mispronounced English words India

Pardon me?

Here we go therefore – A list of some of the most rampantly mispronounced common English words – with also how you might hear people talking about them.  Continue reading

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Email Marketing – 3 Rock-Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Starting With It Today

Reposting an article I wrote in 2012. Also find this on Ezine.

Most email service providers will tell you why you should be doing email marketing. From delivering the highest return on investment [email has constantly returned an average of $50 for every dollar spent on it] to being the perfect add-on for social media marketing – email marketing benefits are varied. However, if all the amazing stats and figures fail to make you sold on the idea of email marketing – consider three rock-solid reasons as to why you should be starting with it today: Continue reading

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