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Interesting times

Appetite comes with eating. Guess so does writing comes with well “getting yourself to write”. There are way too many things on my mind lately. A few of them are quite exciting as well (which is not often :))

In fact, life feels new after a long long time. Touch wood.

  • I’m getting better (at least I think so) at dealing with difficult people. Especially women. In the sense that I’m developing my listening skills to focus on what’s going on in their head rather than being an “emotional fool”.
  • I’m halfway through two books I’m reading and am in search mode for what-to-read-next.
  • We got a Teddy Bear. Yep our first ever! He just brightens up our room.
Cute, no? :)

Sweet, no? 🙂

  • A (rather cute) guy told me he thinks I’m cool.  Whoa and I thought coolness and I don’t go together. Well!
  • There’re just way *too* many things that need to be shopped! And there’s a (long-pending) vacation that needs to be planned. Yay. The mere thought of a vacation refreshes me.

PS: To anyone reading this post – I know this post screams of how badly I’m running short of things to write about 😛
Anything to keep my blog alive. Hehe.

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