(Happy) New Year Thoughts

All right, firsts of January make me sad. I don’t intend to be pessimistic. It’s just shocking to realize how 365 days have gone by and so little I’ve accomplished (read improved on myself).


Had to include a pic and found the thought just in time so pasted it on the pic 🙂

Isn’t there a way to keep this excitement of a “New Year” and “newness” alive throughout the year?! Every single day? Why can’t every day be treated as the beginning of the remaining of the year? Maybe we should start celebrating something like “Happy New Month” to keep the spirits up. Hehe.

I’ve realized that things I write down I actually manage to get done (touch wood). So here’s my bucket list for the year:

  • Travel more of India. Yep travelling has to top my list 🙂
  • Listen up. More.
  • Shut up. More.
  • Speak up. More.
  • Focus on the task at hand.
  • Take decisions. Decide ‘yes’ OR ‘no’. For sure, I’m not a big fan of “maybe”.
  • Read more. I haven’t even figured out my favorite library around 😛
  • Realize that I can trust the intuition of my loved ones.
  • Know that I love writing. And I need to nurture that. If I don’t write I don’t. That’s it.
  • Move to our own place.
  • And then eat a lot more home-cooked food 🙂
  • Be less worried. I am aware and thankful that I do have “better worries” than we used to have.
  • Laugh more. And so much more with the people I love.
  • Don’t give in to rudeness and anger. Especially with the people who truly love me.
  • Do NOT repeat the same mistake twice. Ever.
  • Last but not the least – find our true calling. Yep Preet & me have decided it has to be this year or never.

As they say, the beginning of a New Year is like a birthday for ALL of us! Happy Birthday to all of us 🙂

PS: Dear 2015, please be awesome.

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