TV Ads that caught my attention – for good, bad and funny reasons!

If there’s one thing that makes the idiot box look a little less idiotic – it has to be good advertisements playing on it, no?!

I’m not a big fan of watching TV. But when I do watch some, I’m on a lookout for nice ads. So here it goes – some of these might have been around for quite some time now – TV ads that got me notice them:)

Dr Fixit Waterproofing Angry Kid TV AD: This ad left me in splits.

Britannia Cheese – Tu Cheese Badi Hai Mast Mast: Well, I always thought just WHY don’t we have an advertisement like that? You know, making use of the pun between the Hindi ‘cheese’ and English ‘cheese’!

MRF TVC – There’s A Lot Riding On Us: Noticed this ad got aired especially around 26th January last month. Loved how a rather boring (hehe) “tyre” company can come up with such emotionally charging ad 🙂 I LOVED their tag line.

Ola TV AD – The Ride that Saved the Day #ChaloNiklo: The whole south Indian feel around this ad is *adorable*. And of course, the ad leaves you chuckling!

Alpenliebe Creamfills – Doraemon Flip Card: You’ll see this ad only if you’re a regular on “kids” channels, like me 🙂 It’s hilarious!!

Kellogg’s Special K Deepika Padukone Wedding New TV:  This ad made me cringe. One, because Deepika Padukone has been flaunting that slim waist from the days of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani’. Duh. I mean, won’t you rather have some celeb who’s been on a plumper side at least at some point in time? Two and more importantly, the HASHTAGS with SPACES! Yikes.

Ariel India #ShareTheLoad: One word – fantastic. Bang on. And talking of hashtags – it’s great too.

Shamitabh for & Kindle! And just when I’m writing this, this ad shows up. Ummm. I don’t know. Despite the superb brand image that Amazon has in India, their ads don’t seem too witty or impressive 😉 In this one particularly, it’s kinda ‘funny’ how they roll to promote Kindle with the mobile app!

What recent ads have got your consideration? Care to share in the comments below? 🙂

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