Confessions of a (Hindi) radio listener

If there’s one early invention I love it has to be the radio! I like listening to the radio better than watching the TV any day. The beauty of the radio is in its simplicity. You tune in – you enjoy. And while you feel connected to a particular place when you set a local channel, you can feel equally connected to the world at large when you tune into a remote channel. Here’s what goes through my mind while I’m listening to any of one the various Hindi radio channels: Disclaimer: All offence. Kidding. No offence of course!

Confessions of a radio listener

Listening to the radio is always cool :)

  1. Don’t re-mix Hindi songs: I dread those ‘party weekend bashes’ on the radio. I honestly doubt, wait no - firmly believe that Bollywood songs are not meant to be “re-mixed” the way most radio jockeys do. I hope you understand Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the type of music that one can groove to. Simply making the fast paced Bollywood songs play slow and vice-versa is a torture to the listeners, some times demeaning to the original track and does NOT equal to EDM :P We need to sign a petition to ban these re-mix shows.
  2. Could you mind the time of the day? Please? We may love a song if only you’d played it later in the day. 7 o’clock in the morning it’s frustrating to tune in to “Baby Doll”! Hint: In Indian classical music we have different ragas that should be played as per the time of the day. Could you please take a cue? :) I get a feeling Bollywood has enough songs that can suit the time of the day.
  3. Is there an app to turn down the radio volume of the when they are not playing a song?! I've always secretly wished for a way – this is funny – by which the volume would turn down “automatically” when they blast those advertisements. It’s such a pain to reduce the volume each time because of those (mostly) annoying commercials that are played after each song.
  4. Could you please have a BIGGER playlist? On an average, if I listen to the radio for say 10 hours in a day I get to hear the same “latest” “super hit” song at least 10 times – once every hour. We have TONS of Bollywood songs which are missed and which you can play (I truly wonder what stops you from doing that) and for which we’ll bless your soul.
  5. Don’t talk in to the song: Dear radio jockey, I beg of you, do NOT speak into the song. Let the song play. Then talk. Or talk and then play the song. As much as I love listening to what you might be saying, I love the song you play too :) Also, I want to reach out and strangle you when you cut the song short before it finishes only because you have something (stupid) to say.
  6. The best is saved for the last :) Most Hindi radio channels play great numbers from 8 or 9PM onwards until past midnight. And by great I mean - all time hits/evergreen Bollywood songs. You have to tune in to believe :)
  7. AIR never ceases to surprise (Pun intended): I love Vivadh Bharti. Just how could you guys have the SAME programs running through YEARS at the SAME time of the day??!! That is surprising isn’t it?! I swear most of your keen listeners know your schedule by heart. Take me for example :) ‘Hawa Mahal’ – it is 8:05 PM, ‘Aaj ke Fankaar’ – it is 9:30 PM, ‘Aap ki Farmayish’ – it is 2:30 PM, ‘Pitara’ it is 4 PM – yay it was/is my favorite show. If I tune in to you years later I know it’ll still be the same schedule! I also love the classic years-old “Vicco Turmeric” and “Vicco­ Vajradanti” jingles you play.

If you could, what would you confess to a radio jockey?

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