A nightmare

I had the scariest nightmare last night.

You were being taken to a hospital and I was just called in to inform to reach there soon. Not knowing what’s going on I made rush to reach the hospital as soon as I could.

I reached the hospital and was pointed to a room upon inquiring about you.

I neared the doctor coming out of that room and even before I could catch a breath, I saw a stretcher being pushed behind the doctor when he told me – “I’m sorry”.

I wake up with a jolt. Grab my mobile from the bed side table – it was 7 AM in the morning. What a nightmare. They say, visions seen in the wee hours of the morning often come true. I couldn’t let this happen.

Sitting in my bed still in shock, I check my mobile again – it showed the date 22nd October 2015.  I realize I had already lost you on this exact day three years back.

I was oddly relieved.

This nightmare wasn’t going to come true. It already was.

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