When Trump Trumped

Okay, apologies for the poor (and probably excessively overused by now) pun in the title. So, Donald Trump was elected the new President of the USA. As someone who doesn’t follow the political news closely – I had learned that for many voters it was a difficult choice – much like that between the devil and the deep sea.

Among other things, political pundits remarked this was the result of a deeply-embedded misogynistic attitude. What saddened me was not the ‘apprehension’ of misogyny – rather the fact that the electoral results directly meant that the people defended all the publicly made oh-so-ludicrous remarks of Mr Trump throughout the campaign as well as otherwise. I would refrain from citing examples because I am sure anyone who logs on the internet at least once a day or reads a newspaper these days must be aware of them.


Image result for grab them by the pussy meme

Because obviously, I couldn’t write the actual remark! 


I remember feeling extremely bummed about knowing the poll results in the US. The solace was – I was not alone. Hashtags #notmypresident started to trend on Twitter and even riot-like protests ensued in some cities of the US. There was news about how concerned parents would explain this rather skewed national political scene to their young children.

Chris Brogan, one of the online marketing influencers I follow wrote this. And everybody was freaking about this prophetic Simpsons episode. (The good news is: if that episode is anything to go by – the US does have its first female president after Trump.)

A particular tweet had gone viral and had hundreds of thousands of retweets and favorites. It read: if everyone is upset about the new elect – who then actually voted for him?!

Some food for thought, huh?

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