Indian cinema – you have a long way to go

We watched Dear Zindagi yesterday. I found it flawless. Except for one bit. Why couldn’t Jehangir Khan and Koko be together? I mean, he was divorced and she was very much single. They both seemed to like each other.  They couldn’t go out for coffee ONCE. Why? Why? Why? Why does Indian cinema have to do this? Just because he is maybe 10 years older to her (and divorced)? Just because it wouldn’t be totally conventional? In all possibilities, even if they pursued, their relationship may NOT have worked out. That doesn’t mean they should not have given it a try.

dear zindagi, DearZindagi

When a refreshingly unusual Bollywood movie still manages to confine to stereotypes.

Didn’t the film itself say we needn’t choose the difficult path always? I would have loved to see them together – even if they did not “live happily forever after”. They should have gone out. They seemed to complement each other so well. But no. A big fat NO.

In the end, the female protagonist finds apparently a more suitable (read: younger/her age) guy who coincidentally makes “chairs” for a living – which reminds her instantly of Jug and then they two seem to go along from there. This is okay. But this could have still come after say, Jug and Koko broke up, no?

Ah. Indian cinema – why do you have to confirm to stereotypes even in such an unusually refreshing movie? Indian cinema – you have a long way to go, my friend.

PS: And no matter how smartly and ‘subtly’ you try to plug in a sponsor in a movie – eBay sucks.

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