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The Great Indian Independence Day and Feminism

Growing up I used to love “my country”! You know, how we have those cultural events at schools and universities with singing songs in praise of our nation and hoisting the flag every 15th August. You just could not not feel that patriotic fervor – even if for a single day!

As an adult women who doesn’t feel safe to step out even in broad daylight…forget after-dark hours…I don’t know how patriotic to feel! Every single effing day we see and hear stories of rather ‘harmless’ eve-teasing to horrendous cold-blooded crimes against women in our nation.

As someone who has had her “fair share” of being groped and pinched and poked in the ass (I know, ugh, right? I did turn to slap that bastard but alas it was too crowded to figure out) – on city streets, market areas, public places and where not…I don’t know…it’s gotten harder to nurture the patriotic feelings I once had.

All I have grown to think about is being on “high-alert” about my safety and the safety of other women I know. I am distressed and it will best be hypocritical to feel patriotic.

Am I alone in this? Do other Indian women feel this way, ever?

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