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The many side-effects of owning a two-wheeler in Bangalore!

Having recently purchased a two-wheeler to commute, I can’t help but write about the agony that is to travel on a motorbike in Bangalore. Here you go, therefore: The many side-effects of switching to from travelling by public transport to your own two-wheeler

  • You’ll miss out on your Tweeting/reading/WhatsApp/blogging or on anything-productive-you-used-to-do-on-your-commute time
  • “Potholes” will become a much-used word in your vocab.
  • In fact, potholes will replace any other monster you’ve ever dreaded in your life.

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6 Resolutions every Bangalorean MUST make this New Year

Save water: Following the major water shortage crisis Bangalore faced earlier in the year, it goes without saying that saving water should top the list of resolutions of ALL Bangaloreans. While places like Koramangala were among the worst-hit areas, a lot of residents throughout the city could feel the pain of water shortage. Whether we blame it on inefficiency of BWSSB to check excessive water leakage or on unplanned urban growth in the city or even on overexploitation of groundwater resource, the solution is only one – water conservation. Sounds easier said than done? Well, not exactly. Here’s how simple it is to install Rainwater Harvesting in your home or office.

love bangalore, bangalore resolutions, deepti varma, i change my city bangalore

6 Resolutions everyone who loves Bangalore should take

Clean after your dog: Yes, the footpath is no longer your dog’s toilet. Dog Owners at National Games Village are learning some lessons on hygiene as the trees along the footpath are carrying messages like “Footpath is not your dog’s toilet” from over two months. Posters reading “Please carry a shovel and a bag for your dog’s shit” and “You are responsible for the dog and its shit”, adorned the trees along the pavements. Joggers and walkers finally teach the dog owners a lesson.  Continue reading

Janaagraha wins the Global Impact Award

Well, Im writing about this pretty late. Almost a month later that is 😛 But the great news is – Janaagraha won the Global Impact Award by Google. What I enjoyed most while campaigning about the event was – reaching out to celebs on twitterverse – who were generous enough to reply back or retweet and even VOTE (yay!) for us (see Amisha Patel’s tweet below)

Google Impact awards, Global Impact Google

Google’s Global Impact Challenge 2013

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Celebrations in Bangalore

I’m beginning to dread festivals in Bangalore.

It’s both strange and unfortunate that as the IT capital of India the festive scene in Bangalore is no different than that can be witnessed in many (read almost all) smaller cities here. There’s heavy traffic which obviously the roads are not prepared to handle, you’ve got music/announcements on loud speakers in public places (which nicely compliments the chaos) and of course it’s followed by “festive” garbage spillover everywhere which doesn’t get taken care of for a long, long time.

Bangalore, garbage bangalore

There is a two-fold increase in the quantum of
garbage generated in Bangalore during festivals.

The concern is the above characteristics assume gigantic and terrifying proportions in a city such as Bangalore.  Continue reading

Quick dictionary for Non-Kannadgias in Bangalore

With close to 3 years of moving into Bangalore I’m beginning to take pride in my Kannada speaking abilities. The first Kannada word I remember learning was the ubiquitous “maadi”. From asking the bus driver to “door open maadi sir” to asking colleagues “mail check maadi” in office everything that required an action or a verb meant “maadi”.

learning kannada

Well I haven’t got that far as deciphering the Kannada Script…only swalpa swalpa speaking and understanding 🙂

The next word that got added to my Kannada vocab was “illa”. I really like how ‘illa’ is such a versatile word in the sense that it collectively denotes the meanings of no, nothing, empty and over.
Here are some of the important Kannada words/phrases I think non-kannadigas should (and can) pick up easily.  Continue reading

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The city that is Jabalpur!

Among other things the most common topic of discussion in Bangalore seems to be “where are you from?” or “what’s your native place?” As I’ve got to answer this question so often I thought why not write a post on my “native”.

Jabalpur is a well-known city in Madhya Pradesh (MP) state which lies in the central part of India. During the Raj, MP was a part of Central Province.  The key cities in present day MP include Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain with Bhopal of course as the capital city. The state government for tourism had done an interesting ad campaign titled aptly “Bharat ka dil dekho” implying come visit the very heart of India.

Nice ad campaign by MP tourism

The state of Madhya Pradesh is also known for Buddhist Sanchi Stupas (built way back in the 3rd century BC), Khajuarao temples (which are listed in UNESCO world heritage site), Amarkantak (where the lifeline river Narmada emerges), Bandhavgarh Natural Park (the original home of all the white tigers alive), tribal life, Chambal valley and Poha – Jalebi (the most popular way to start a day).

poha jalebi

Let’s talk about the Significance of Jabalpur city now.

High court of MP:  Jabalpur houses the state high court of MP. It’s worthwhile to note that usually high courts are situated in the capital city of states.

MP HIgh Court

State Electricity Board: Jabalpur is also the home to Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (MPEB) which is again something remarkable.

Jalpari MPEB

Marble rocks: Jabalpur is “world famous” for the splendid Bhedaghat waterfalls. Surrounded by gorgeous white marble rocks the waterfall formed by Narmada river, this is the number one tourist spot in Jabalpur.  In fact Bhedaghat has also had a stint with Bollywood when the popular song titled ‘Raat Ka Nasha Abhi’ from the movie ‘Ashoka’ was shot in its scenic locales.

Marble rocks jabalpur

Shirdi Sai Temples:  Jabalpur is also known as “Choti Shirdi” ie “Smaller Shirdi” for a big number of Shirdi Sai Baba temples in Jabalpur.  A lot of these Sai baba temples are well-known for fulfilling wishes of earnest devotees. On Ram Navami day every year (which falls around April) the city hosts beautiful processions which are a major attraction for city-dwellers.

Saibaba Temple Jabalpur

Ordnance factory: The Gun Carriage factory in Ranjhi, Jabalpur the strategic edge. Situated in Ranjhi, the GCF employs thousands of people from across the city.

Paat Baba Temple Ranjhi

Christ Church School:  Situated in north Civil Lines this more than 150years old convent school is among the top schools not only in Jabalpur but also in the entire state. And of course my sister and I are super proud to have finished our entire schooling from this school.  The school treasures the first Girl Guide Flag in India given by Lady Baden Powell herself in 1921. The Christ Church School has both girls and boys wings.

Christ Church Girls School Jabalpur

Jabalpur gets it name from an ancient sage Jabalipattan who practiced penance here. Interestingly, Jabalpur was nicknamed “Sanskardhani”  by Vinoba Bhave due to its cultural and social activities.

There are definitely more remarkable things about Jabalpur city. (All Jabalpuria’s will agree, right?!) The above points only place the city on India’s map as a significant one.

Are you from Jabalpur? What other remarkable things you’ll mention about Jabalpur?

How did you like a quick travel through my native city Jabalpur? 🙂 And the next time I’m asked “where are you basically from?” I’m just asking peeps to visit my blogs. Hehe! 

Heartline by Dr Shyam Bhat | Indigo 91.9 Bangalore

Dr Shyam Bhat, a leading psychiatric and also a stand-up comedian, hosts an interesting live caller show “Heartline” on Indigo radio 91.9 every Tuesday & Thursday evening in Bangalore. The best part about his show is perhaps his husky voice women drool over! Of course he offers tons of super useful advice to callers as well. First blog post

Last week he suggested a good way to change our feelings/emotions. Its often said that our body reflects the emotions we are experiencing –such as when we’re angry the muscles in our chest tighten and our brows wrinkle. He then advised that we can actually change how we’re feeling by simply observing our body. So, if you take a minute to study how parts of your body are feeling you can actually change your thoughts!

Until now a lot of us must have heard that our thoughts affect our conduct.  But, how many of us knew it could be worked out the other way round – change how your body feels to change your thoughts.

You wanna feel more confident? Put on that smile, straighten those shoulders – deliberately. Makes you feel better instantly, right?!

I think Heartline is definitely one of the best radio shows in Bangalore. Listen to one of his podcasts if you wish. The other one being – In the mix India by Nikhil Chinnapa broadcast live in metros across India on Saturday evenings.

What’s your favorite radio show in Bangalore or anywhere? 🙂

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