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That don’t impress me much (at least, not anymore)

I’m not impressed anymore by the motorbikes you ride or the cars you own. What impresses me is whether you heed the traffic rules (especially in Bangalore’s traffic!)

I’m not impressed anymore by the “brands” of clothes and shoes you wear. I’m impressed if you’re comfortable in your own skin.

I’m not impressed anymore by your looks. (In fact, if you’re cute-looking I just wait and watch until you eventually, behave like a total, narcissistic jerk.) I’m relieved if your nails are trimmed and clean.

I’m not impressed anymore by how you treat me. I take notice of how you treat your subordinates at work and the sales guy at the counter.

I’m not impressed anymore if you can debate non-stop on a topic. I respect if you think it’s not cool to joke about sensitive topics.



Die Another Day | Suicidal Thoughts

I have been Googling about suicidal thoughts (yea, judge me all you can) and gosh oh my – is there such a trash load of content on the web. Everyone just mentioned one thing – don’t do it. I mean, it only aggravated me. For once, I wanted to read somewhere – you want to die? “Go and die”. I mean, if only someone said that on my face – I may be actually compelled to stop for a moment and analyze my life.

But no. What I could find was only – don’t do this, don’t think “negative”, suicide is just your excuse, you’re ‘escaping’. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Here’s to everyone out there with suicidal thoughts – I say for once – you want to kill yourself? Go and do that. (Please continue to read further.)

Is this something you were hoping to read somewhere? Now that you’ve read your worst decision aloud – go get yourself some coffee. We’ll die another day, my friend. Another day.

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Safety (is) in your hands

As much as I think the Hindu festival of raksha bandhan is adorable and definitely one of its kind in the entire world – I can’t help think how it’s also somewhat sexist in nature.

As per the tradition, the sister ties a band around the brother’s wrist and  he in turn pledges to protect her at all times. Hmm. Doesn’t this superimpose the importance of the male gender over the female?

So, we should basically, look up to one section of males to protect us and be wary of the other section lest we may be raped off of our self-respect.

I get a feeling – a festival with this sort of underlying theme may become extinct/irrelevant in future.

Happy raksha bandhan to all. Remember, ladies – before you vest your safety in another person -safety is in your hands first.

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10 Badly mispronounced English words (in India) – A rant and a guide

Dad being a Professor of English, we’ve always loved this language. I do have vivid memories of him giving lengthy lectures on the intricacies of the language. Right from how words are spelled to how differently they are spoken or referred to in the US as against the UK as against Australia to also their Hindi equivalents – he had such a passion for the English Language.

Coming therefore with this background, any wrong pronunciations tend to blow me off. Let me clarify – it is in fact, not the person’s ignorance, I mean since English is only a second language to almost all of us – mistakes are excusable. It is actually the “attitude” mostly that annoys me – the ‘pride’ with which people correct me for pronouncing them rightly!

Mispronounced English words India

Pardon me?

Here we go therefore – A list of some of the most rampantly mispronounced common English words – with also how you might hear people talking about them.  Continue reading

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19 ways to overcome

And before I knew it my baby, my blog was abandoned by me :(.  It’s been a heck of a March & April for me. For mostly good reasons thankfully :). How was yours? Here’s another set of self-talking shit. Let me know in the comments below if anything makes sense to you as well. If not – read again. I bet you’ll find something useful. Hehe.

How to overcome a loss, setback or adverse situations in life

It helps to decide what and who matter.

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Notes to self / All in a day

  • Be grateful. It could (always) have been worse.
  • Smile. The day is over.
  • Smile. Tomorrow is another chance.
  • Sometimes criticism can open eyes to totally different aspects you’d never even thought of.
  • Measure it. And Google Analytics is all you need.
  • Shit happens. Keep calm. Maybe  you can turn that shit into a hit. Hehe
  • Don’t try too hard.
Lifes lessons

Sounds sane.

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Quick dictionary for Non-Kannadgias in Bangalore

With close to 3 years of moving into Bangalore I’m beginning to take pride in my Kannada speaking abilities. The first Kannada word I remember learning was the ubiquitous “maadi”. From asking the bus driver to “door open maadi sir” to asking colleagues “mail check maadi” in office everything that required an action or a verb meant “maadi”.

learning kannada

Well I haven’t got that far as deciphering the Kannada Script…only swalpa swalpa speaking and understanding 🙂

The next word that got added to my Kannada vocab was “illa”. I really like how ‘illa’ is such a versatile word in the sense that it collectively denotes the meanings of no, nothing, empty and over.
Here are some of the important Kannada words/phrases I think non-kannadigas should (and can) pick up easily.  Continue reading

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It is easy. Mostly after it is difficult.

  • It’s easy to feel miserable. It takes efforts to choose to be happy.
  • It’s easy to form opinions. It takes efforts to not have prejudices.
  • It’s easy to form opinions. It takes efforts to be still open for surprises?
  • It’s easy to be a bit*h. It takes efforts to be kind.
  • It’s easy to hate. It takes efforts to be indifferent.
  • It’s easy to ignore it. It takes efforts to fight it.
  • It’s easy to argue. It takes efforts to not raise the voice?
easy vs difficult

True no?

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A woman’s guide to surviving it

  • Find a lipstick shade that suits you.
  • Wear heels.
  • Be kind.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Dance.
  • Buy less of branded stuff.
    A woman’s guide to surviving it

    True that

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How to survive life!

  1. Have something to do.
  2. Have someone to love.
  3. Have something you love to do.
    how to survive life

    How to survive the day

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