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Live Tweeting for #CoCo2014

The much (personally!) awaited CoCo (Coalition against Corruption) Summit concluded recently. Needless to say, the conference was a big success in terms of seeing some remarkable interaction among renowned experts in the field of corruption.

Coalition against Corruption, CoCo 2014

Coalition against Corruption, Bangalore

The two-day conference held in Bangalore, co-hosted by The Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Stanford University, Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, and Sunlight Foundation, Washington DC saw over 26 speakers from around the globe exchanging ideas  on:  Continue reading


Janaagraha wins the Global Impact Award

Well, Im writing about this pretty late. Almost a month later that is 😛 But the great news is – Janaagraha won the Global Impact Award by Google. What I enjoyed most while campaigning about the event was – reaching out to celebs on twitterverse – who were generous enough to reply back or retweet and even VOTE (yay!) for us (see Amisha Patel’s tweet below)

Google Impact awards, Global Impact Google

Google’s Global Impact Challenge 2013

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The “Chris Brogan Effect”

Im excited. I got a reply from Chris Brogan on one of my tweets. And there – my Klout score went up instantly. This is what is called the “Chris Brogan Effect”! Hehe.

Klout score

Ok I really don’t care about my Klout score. Until it’s going up that is. Hehe

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5 quick ways to boost engagement on Facebook

If you happen to handle social media, every so often you’ll experience that inevitable “block”.  You’re short of time, you can’t find “share worthy” content, nothing is working out and all that stuff which constitutes a nightmare for every social media manager.

Since I’ve been (through) there and done that here’s how I deal with the social media or more precisely the Facebook block. It’s all a combi of what I’ve learnt from self-experimenting as well as of course some proven ways.

Here are my five favorite quick ways to quickly boost engagement on Facebook fan pages

  1. Highlight your post: This is a widely followed practice to increase engagement on posts. Highlighting is a well-known way to boost engagement because doing so pushes out the post in the audience’s feed more strongly.
  2. Share memes: Memes are easy to search for and mostly successful in drawing the audience’s attention. And they never fail to extract a laugh or two. Take care not to offend.
    Use meme in facebook post
  3. Share motivational quotes: Regardless of how “boring” your industry might be there’s always something inspirational to share about it. Share that when you’re at a loss for topics.
  4. Re-share an old post: Is there a post from the past which engaged the audience highly? See if there’s scope for sharing that again. Rephrase your post and use another image for the post if possible. Obviously, it shouldn’t be too recent else it’ll be fresh in the memory of your audience.
  5. Share behind-the-scene pics: How about sharing a picture of your team? Or how your desk at work looks like? Again, these kinds of posts won’t consume much time and give that much needed human touch to Facebook page.

Other of my favorite Facebook posting tips:

  • Use an image for your posts. A picture is rightly like a thousand words. And while in Facebook it serves a great deal to catch the attention of the audience. For me it definitely consumes considerable time to search for suitable/good/interesting image but it’s worth it! (Yep like L’Oreal tagline…cuz you’re worth it. Hehe)
  • Create a folder named something like “For later use”. In this, save images as you find them. These images come in very handy when you’re short of time. Or many a times, you’ll find something suitable to post with these images at a later point of time. You can also narrow down your hunt for content based on the image. (Isn’t this a nice tip? Me learnt it from self-experience :))
  • Ask for ideas, suggestions and/or solutions when you can’t think of anything to share. Try asking your fans for their ways out of a situation. Works all the time and you can get good engagement levels as well.
    • boost facebook engagement
  • Wish them. Is it Friday? How about a post on what people do on weekends? Or how they love Fridays? Makes for a quicky post, no? Is it Monday? How about asking peeps how they spent their weekend? Or how we hate Mondays? Hehe.
  • Post on other pages as a page. Or maybe share a post from another page on your page.
    • facebook viral post
  • Use Pinterest to find great images.  (I’ll write another post on where and how to find images for Facebook.)
  • Last but not the least – remember to put a link to your website or whatever in every post. You never know what goes “viral”. Hehe. And you want people to find your link in there, right?

boost facebook engagement

As Jay Baer (I love his tagline ‘hype free marketing’) puts it – The goal is not to do social. It’s to be social. So let it be!
What are your favorite Facebook tips? C’mon be a sport and share some of your secret sauce in the comments below!
Did you find the above posted tips helpful? I’d love to hear from you. Tweet this post

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