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In the words of Joey: “It’s not a cat!”

Because the public opinions were so divided and we wanted to know what the hype was about (okay, I had heard it has a scene depicting a woman pleasuring herself but, that was not all), we decided to watch it.

To begin with, two hours was a stretch and to end with, the movie Veere Di Wedding is a classic case of a “road to hell paved with good intentions.”

In all earnestness, this was (perhaps) an attempt to be a movie about feminism – a term I find tricky, so, I will use “women empowerment” instead.

Oh, the many, many, many flaws with the premises.

  • This bunch of four high-school besties come from frickin’ rich families. Obnoxiously rich. If you didn’t already know, the rules of women empowerment (or any sort of empowerment, for that matter) get extremely skewed with that kind of money.
  • They are ALWAYS driving nothing less than Bentley, Lamborghini and Range Rover and then suddenly it cuts to one scene with zoomed in view of booking an Uber ride? This has to be the most tactless plugging of sponsors. EVER. Even Youtubers these days do a better job of inserting a message about sponsors.
  • So the wife was was being divorced by the husband because he found her pleasuring herself? The last I heard, masturbating even if you have a partner is not all bad. What exactly was the point? That was the reason for divorce? What if she wasn’t ‘caught’? Like, what if he never found about it? They should have had a conversation about it like frickin’ adults.
  • They wanted to do a female version of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Chahta Hai. That’s a wonderful, welcome “intention”. Technically speaking, it’s not a math equation where you replace the male protagonists with female and whoa! you’ve made a women-centric movie. It has to be more nuanced than that.
  • Again, probably with “good intentions” in mind, one uncle was depicted as gay. And his partner had no character at all, no depth at all except for dressing up in pink and being shown as emasculate. Being gay is not the same as being a eunuch. These are such sensitive topics – you can’t reinforce another stereotype (dressing queer) just because you broke one (open gay relationship). 

In the words of Joey, “it’s not a cat!”. This movie is not about woman empowerment. (Even though it may resemble one!) File it under another Bollywood bullsh*t.





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Indian cinema – you have a long way to go

We watched Dear Zindagi yesterday. I found it flawless. Except for one bit. Why couldn’t Jehangir Khan and Koko be together? I mean, he was divorced and she was very much single. They both seemed to like each other.  They couldn’t go out for coffee ONCE. Why? Why? Why? Why does Indian cinema have to do this? Just because he is maybe 10 years older to her (and divorced)? Just because it wouldn’t be totally conventional? In all possibilities, even if they pursued, their relationship may NOT have worked out. That doesn’t mean they should not have given it a try.

dear zindagi, DearZindagi

When a refreshingly unusual Bollywood movie still manages to confine to stereotypes.

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Confessions of a (Hindi) radio listener

If there’s one early invention I love it has to be the radio! I like listening to the radio better than watching the TV any day. The beauty of the radio is in its simplicity. You tune in – you enjoy. And while you feel connected to a particular place when you set a local channel, you can feel equally connected to the world at large when you tune into a remote channel. Here’s what goes through my mind while I’m listening to any of one the various Hindi radio channels: Disclaimer: All offence. Kidding. No offence of course!

Confessions of a radio listener

Listening to the radio is always cool :)

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