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When you can’t relate to your own self

Do you ever shiver thinking of the challenges you’ve overcome?

I mean, when I recall or am reminded of the hardships we faced in our lives – I cannot even believe we survived it.  It’s like, there was a clone who went through all of these horrid experiences and then suddenly it’s us today. All new and with no (visible) traces of agony.

Do your very own past struggles seem so alien to you now – that you can’t relate to yourself? Sure, some memories fade. It’s not just about that. It’s not about faint memories you can’t remember. It’s about how you can’t imagine – you – the same you you see every day in the mirror- emerged alive from those seemingly never-ending struggles and daylight horrors of a dysfunctional family (or whatever you defined as hell.)


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Have you been there? Where you finally know what hell must be like? [Image:Crosswalk.com]

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When life treats you not-so-motherly!

Step-motherly – that’s how life treats you sometimes. You know, how you see in the movies or fairy tales? You know you’re not any less lovable. You know you’re not any less talented or beautiful or correct. At times, in fact, you (and some others too) know that you’re the better one. But you don’t get treated right any ways. You don’t ask for too much either. But they’ll spare no chance to put you down.

Don’t give in to them. It’s not you. It’s them. Don’t succumb.

step-mother, step-motherly,

It’s not you dear. It’s them.

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Interesting times

Appetite comes with eating. Guess so does writing comes with well “getting yourself to write”. There are way too many things on my mind lately. A few of them are quite exciting as well (which is not often :))

In fact, life feels new after a long long time. Touch wood.

  • I’m getting better (at least I think so) at dealing with difficult people. Especially women. In the sense that I’m developing my listening skills to focus on what’s going on in their head rather than being an “emotional fool”.
  • I’m halfway through two books I’m reading and am in search mode for what-to-read-next.
  • We got a Teddy Bear. Yep our first ever! He just brightens up our room.
Cute, no? :)

Sweet, no? 🙂

  • A (rather cute) guy told me he thinks I’m cool.  Whoa and I thought coolness and I don’t go together. Well!
  • There’re just way *too* many things that need to be shopped! And there’s a (long-pending) vacation that needs to be planned. Yay. The mere thought of a vacation refreshes me.

PS: To anyone reading this post – I know this post screams of how badly I’m running short of things to write about 😛
Anything to keep my blog alive. Hehe.


The worst thing in life is…

You know what’s the worst thing in life?

  • The worst thing in life is to think/fear that you cannot live without that someone special around you and then getting to lose them and having to spend your entire lifetime without them.
  • The worst thing in life is when you can’t live with your loved one and you can’t live without them. You live anyways.
  • The worst thing in life is not getting a chance to laugh enough with your loved one.
  • The worst thing in life is not having enough memories to cherish.
  • The worst thing in life is letting your loved one go. You’ll regret not fighting enough to have them stay in your life.
  • The worst thing in life is seeing your loved one in agony. And knowing that you can do absolutely nothing to help them.
  • The worst thing in life not getting the answers to all your “Whys”?

I’ve seen my greatest fears come alive. I’m living my greatest fears. Every single day. Ever since you left. I miss you D.

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19 ways to overcome

And before I knew it my baby, my blog was abandoned by me :(.  It’s been a heck of a March & April for me. For mostly good reasons thankfully :). How was yours? Here’s another set of self-talking shit. Let me know in the comments below if anything makes sense to you as well. If not – read again. I bet you’ll find something useful. Hehe.

How to overcome a loss, setback or adverse situations in life

It helps to decide what and who matter.

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