WHY on earth do we need another blog ?

The world or more aptly the world wide web needs this blog because

  • I need it?
  • I deserve to have one.
  • I always wanted to have one.
  • I think it’s way better (although I’ve just started) than a lot of other lame blogs out there. Where people write sh*t and run Adwords.
  • Writing sets me free.

    Why blog?


  • With this blog, I have a reason and a place to pen it down.
  • I think everyone should blog. Well, almost everyone.
  • I’m online on the web so much I’d better have one.
  • My/one’s blog is the anchor on the ocean of internet. Or maybe the shore. Or the sails?

Convinced how badly we need me to blog? No? No problem. Thanks for reading anyway 🙂


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